The update tool for MySQL databases between development and production system

This tool transfers the structure of one MySQL database to another.

DB Updater

Use this tool to read the database structure on the development system, then upload the transport file to the productive system and use this tool to update the database structure there. Only missing columns and tables are added to the target database, nothing is deleted. Nothing changes in the data either, neither in the source nor in the target database.


The transfer takes place in 2 steps: reading out and updating.

Read out

The name of the transport file can be freely selected. Optimally, no path is specified for this, then the file is stored in the same directory where the script is located.


Logically, the name of the transport file must be the same as that specified at read out. If the file is in the same directory as the script (recommended), no path needs to be specified.

The tool has been tested with some databases. Nevertheless, it can of course happen that the tool does not work properly. For this reason, it is recommended (as always with structural changes) to create a backup before executing.

We are grateful for extensions and corrections to the tool. If you are not able to make these corrections yourself, at least give us a hint about the necessary changes.
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Have fun and success with the tool!


The tool can be downloaded here:
Version 1.1 (06.08.2021)