What is mediation?

Mediation is a conflict resolution process (e.g. between companies) in which the conflicting parties develop their own solutions. They are supported in this by the mediator, who, in contrast to the judge, has no decision-making authority.

What can IT mediation mean for you?

Through mediation, you can settle disputes at an early stage, e.g. when building an IT system, with the help of a qualified middleman. The advantage of mediation is obvious: A dispute before an (arbitration) court means that at least one of the parties loses. In addition, the business relationship is usually useless afterwards. In mediation, the two parties usually come to an agreement and can continue to work together in the future. And if no agreement is possible, going to court is not blocked (this is in contrast to an arbitral award).

Why mediation?

Mediation brings the following benefits: