Price list

Private appraisal, Mediation, Arbitration Opinion

Working and travel time (hourly rates, every 30 minutes started will be billed)
IT Expert René Mansveld 125,00 €
Technically competent employees 85,00 €
Assistants 55,00 €

Traveling expenses

Car (per km driven) 0,50 €
Train journeys (1st class), flight costs (business class), taxi costs, hotel costs (local middle class) and other expenses are billed without a surcharge.

Extra costs

Appraisal page 5,00 €
Photo or photo printout (color) 2,50 €
Copy (b/w) 0,40 €
Color copy (e.g. photo) 0,80 €

Other costs

are billed according to the legal regulations

Valuation report

Valuation report as above, but at least €400.

Court Opinion

Expert opinions in the judicial area are billed according to the JVEG (Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act).

Appraisal on fixed price fees

Fixed price fees by agreement.

All prices plus the statutory sales tax applicable at the time the service is provided. Down payments of 50% are the rule.